The goal of IT-Procurement is to facilitate flexibility, swiftness, and effectiveness of a business. That is why we at softvelop have made it our mission to offer procurement consultancy services to meet customer goals, in addition to searching for practical and complexity reducing solutions. A result-oriented approach is our leading focus.

Many different players,
many contradicting needs

No matter if it’s the procurement of hard- and software or professional services: the cooperation between IT and procurement is often-times a rocky road. At a closer glance, this is no surprise since both departments are confronted with different goals. While IT is primarily looking for solutions that deliver the desired quality in the planned time, procurement sets it focus on the cost aspects of the desired request. After all, the procurer’s effectivity is weighted in the amount of savings generated, which are expected to be as high as possible in favor of the organization. Consequently, a mutual understanding for the needs of the other department is often not present. Dependent on the volume or the projects level of risk, complexity increases accordingly, should for example the law department need to be involved before entering negotiations with tenderers. This results in purchasing processes that can no longer meet the requirements for speed and flexibility.

Our philosophy

So, what to do? At softvelop we view IT procurement as the infamous spider in the web: we try to understand the interests of all participating parties, analyze the situation as well as the differing needs and this way, are able to determine potential problems and discrepancies. With our know-how and experience we can create an interface and set priorities, precisely tailored to the project and its desired outcome.

We are not “merely” a procurer: our experts mostly have their roots in the IT industry and know exactly what is important. We know the basics allowing us to see eye-to-eye with IT customers and suppliers. This allows us to mediate between the internal and external stakeholders of the company and simply eliminate conflicts of interest. 

International & broadly diversified

We have been active with our IT procurement services since 2013, where our focus lies primarily on German-speaking markets. International clients however are no strangers to us, as we’ve worked with customers in the UK, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, France and Singapore. We handle IT purchases across a wide array of geographical locations: our clients are to be found in the public sector, finance and education, the chemical industry, as well as in the aerospace and defense industry or the sport and fashion scene.


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