Dipl.-Ing. Marc S. Kuttruff, B.Sc.
IT Procurement Manager

In 2013 Marc founded his own business Softvelop and ever since has been supporting customers from various industries in their international IT procurement projects. Not only is he a graduate in telematics and network technology, but also has sound education as an IT specialist for system integration. His IT background distinguishes him from many traditional procurement consultants. It is this knowledge which enables him to respond precisely to the needs and requirements of his customers. Marc’s experience both in the private sector and as a freelancer make him a competent contact person for all IT purchasing projects.

Onur SoysalB.A.
IT Procurement Consultant

Onur completed an apprenticeship as a trader in wholesale and foreign trade, and also gained a bachelor’s degree in business economics. Whilst conducting business at softvelop, Onur is studying commercial information technology. He has multiple years of experience in industrial wholesale distribution (Contract management, purchasing agreements, bonus calculation methodology) as well as in operative procurement (SAP). In addition to which, he was able to gain significant knowledge as an introductory consultant of various software providers throughout his previous work experiences. The digitization of structures and processes is of great interest to Onur – he’s convinced that only in this way, can a company truly achieve its full potential.

Tobias John
IT Procurement Consultant

Tobias successfully completed his apprenticeship as an IT specialist in 2014. He has been able to apply his IT background constructively in various roles in (IT) sales and (IT) procurement, making the “Switch between worlds” easy for him due to his experience. Tobias has already successfully tackled challenges such as Maverick Buying, restructuring of procurement processes, or the implementation of holistic procurement to the satisfaction of his clients. In operational procurement, he can draw on a solid knowledge base in a fast-paced market, and further training in import-export and customs clearance complements his expertise. With his keen sense for making the right decisions in project procurement – especially in the development and release of technical products – Tobias is the ideal addition to the softvelop team.

Marina Mesters, M. Ec.
IT Procurement Analyst

Marina was born and raised in Russia. After graduating with a degree in economics and working for several years at Saint Petersburg International Airport, she was looking for a new challenge and therefore emigrated to Germany at the end of 2014. She quickly learned German and turned her interests in IT and business consulting activities into a career. She gained first experience in e-commerce at a large department store chain. With her multilingualism and her enthusiasm for IT purchasing projects, both nationally and internationally, Marina is the ideal addition to the softvelop team.

Michelle Vuong, B.A.
IT Procurement Consultant 

Michelle brings extensive business knowledge to our team at softvelop: She holds a completed apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant and has many years of experience in product management, where she extensively dealt with supplier relationships, contract negotiations, and terms and conditions. During her time in product management, she also pursued an evening study program, successfully completing it as a state-certified business economist and a Bachelor of Arts. This additional qualification enables her to optimally understand and shape the interface between business requirements and the possibilities of data processing. Michelle firmly believes in the progress of digitalization: She sees constant change as motivation to optimize existing processes, drive innovations, and actively shape the entrepreneurial future of our clients.

Johannes Prebeck, certified social pedagogue & graduate psychologist
Development Architect

Johannes combines psychology and IT in his work. He sees people and IT as interacting systems with different rules and is convinced that IT can never stand for itself but is always related to the people it is supposed to serve. During his two courses of study in psychology and social work, he acquired a great deal of practical and theoretical knowledge about group dynamic processes and coherences. After finishing his studies in psychology, Johannes decided to work in the user experience field in the automotive industry and worked there for several years as a developer, as well as a team and department manager. In addition, he actively shaped the introduction and improvement of Agile methods as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach in several large companies. As a business coach he supports individuals, groups, and organizations. Johannes sees himself as a consultant, companion, and servant leader.

Mag. Carina Maurer, Bakk.
Communication, PR & Assistant

Carina studied communication and cultural sciences and has many years of experience as a journalist, PR expert and copywriter in the advertising industry. At Softvelop, she takes care of all internal and external communication affairs, manages web appearances and supports Marc as a personal assistant with his projects and inquiries.

Roland Kuttruff
Backoffice and Administration

Roland has many years of experience in IT & Communication Security at NATO. Since 2019 he has been supporting softvelop in all organizational as well as administrative matters. He is in fact responsible for guaranteeing smooth background operations for the softvelop team.

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